Green’s Report – January 2016

22 February 2016

The greens are presently in good condition and by in large have coped very well with all the rainfall we have had over the last few months . We have solid tined and hand cut them in the last few days . This helps to keep the surface of the green dry and lets more air in to the soil profile .

1st Tee
The large tee at the 1st is to be lifted , levelled and returfed .This work is essential as over the years the levels on the tee had deteriorated to such an extent the parts of the tee had become unusable . Work is now underway the turf has been undercut and will be removed from the tee this week (25/1/16) . The tee will then have soil added to sort the levels and finally the tee will be returfed . The tee will be complete by mid February and then will require a time to allow the turf to root and knit together . The tee will be back in play for the first medal in April .
Putting Green
All the scrub on the left hand side of the putting green has been removed . We have added soil back upto the level of the existing green . Grass seed will be sown on it in the coming weeks . However to allow the grass seed time to germinate and the surface to mature this area will continue to be G.U.R for most if not all of the coming season . The original part of the green will be in play as normal .

Many heavily trafficked areas around the course have had the worn bare turf removed and replaced with new astroturf . These areas are at the 3rd, 6th, 10th, 13th ,14th and 17th holes . The one path still to be to completed is beside the 1st tee . As we will have to drive over this area to gain access while rebuilding the 1st tee we will delay finishing this path until the 1st tee is complete .

Plantation on the 9th
We have started to prune up many trees in the plantation to the right of the 9th green . This is work will continue over the coming weeks until the plantation is completed .
Winter greens
These areas are to be treated as ground under repair and are to be used for putting only.

Pitch marks
Could I ask that all golfers please repair their pitch marks . We are fixing dozens every morning by which time lasting damage to the putting surface has already occurred . Thank you

New Email address
A new email account has been set up so the members can have direct access to the head greenkeeper . I have replaced the old email account as the old account had become unreliable for sending and receiving mail . I would invite all members to use this service if you have any questions regarding the course . Could I ask that any member wishing to ask questions please leave their name and membership number.

The email address is :
Alan Lawrie
Head Greenkeeper