RMGC Gents Spring Meeting Results ‘A’ Division

30 May 2017


‘A’ Division Spring Meeting

Saturday 27th May 2017

Gold Medal – Club Championship Qualifying


Winner: Stuart Blair                          68

Runner-up: Brian Fairgrieve            69


David Peacock            76 –11 = 65 (bih)

Michael Greenan        72 – 7  = 65

Derek Frame               74 –  8 = 66


37 Players tied on 79 or better


S Blair, B Fairgrieve, C Ratcliffe, C Mackie, D Fee, W Reid, M Greenan, D Glass, C Brown, I Wyper, D Frame, R Barnes, A Wallace,

C Johnstone, K Young, J Finlay, D Peacock, G Miller, H Thomson, R Cochrane, S Cunningham, B White, A Laurie, G Steele, T Hunter, G Fletcher,

R MacGregor, D Brown, A Smith, Dar McLeod, R Clark, T Shepherd, A Hislop,

L Hanton, R Wallace, S Thomson, M Cunningham,

Vouchers and sweep money will be available from the Professional on

Saturday 3rd June 2017.

C.S.S. 70