‘B’ Division SPRING Meeting – Saturday 30th May 2015

31 May 2015

‘B’ Division SPRING Meeting – Saturday 30th May 2015

Colonial Medal – ‘B’ Championship Qualifying


Winner:      Graeme Cameron 81 
Runner-up:   Darren McLeod 82 (b.i.h) 


J Glynn   85 – 21 = 64        
R Knight     84 – 12 = 66         
C MacDonald  86 – 19 = 67 (b.i.h)        

The members on the attached list qualified for the 2nd round to be played on Sunday 14th June 2015 with scores of 91 or less.

G Cameron, D McLeod, Jos Martin, D Archer, R Knight, A Love, J Glynn,

J Scott, S McNeill, A Menzies, P Urquhart, C MacDonald, G Brown, J R Scott

J H Russell, J J Yorkston, L Wright, H Brown, I Jefferies, A Agnew,

R Anderson, A Gibson, A Ramage, A Briggs, J Menzies, I Smith, P Currie,

R O’Malley, J Sharp, A Yorkston, J Cranston, R Yorkston, I Devine

There were 3 players with a two or less.

Vouchers and sweep money will be available from the Professional on Saturday 6th June 2015.

C.S.S. – 71

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