RMGC Gents Spring Meeting Results ‘B’ Division

30 May 2017


‘B’ Division SPRING Meeting

Sunday 27th May 2017

Colonial Medal – ‘B’ Championship Qualifying


Winner:         Ian D W Smith        78

Runner-up    Shaun Clark            79


Shaun Clark                       79 – 14 = 65 (bih)

Ian D W Smith                   78 – 13 = 65 (bih)

Scott Sinclair                     83 – 18 = 65


34 Players tied on 90 or better


I Smith, S Clark, J H Russell, D Murray, A Davie, S Sinclair, R Powell, C Kelly, G Cameron, P Johnstone, G Christie, J Bowden, J Lauder, A Gibson, J R Scott,

C Chisholm, R Anderson, C Mackay, A Meharry, W Hastie, G Maxwell, L Frame, R Veitch, W McDonald, J Scott, D Brown, K Henderson, B Varndell, K Beatson,

R Yorkston, A Menzies, J Menzies, W Rodgers, J Falconer

Vouchers and sweep money will be available from the Professional on Saturday 3rd June 2017.

C.S.S. – 70