Greens Report June 2016

01 July 2016

The greens are currently in very good condition . We have solid tined , top dressed and applied many other treatments over the last week to 10 days in order to allow the greens to stay as firm and true as possible despite the rather wet difficult weather conditions we have had to endure.

Currently 16 bunkers have been topped up with the new bunker sand . This is an ongoing process and will continue over the coming weeks when time allows .

Winter Damage
In the last couple of weeks we have been repairing many areas around the course from winter damage and heavily trafficked area  . We have repaired most of the areas on the 1st 9 holes and will continue over the coming weeks to complete the back 9 . Can I ask all members that see any areas marked G.U.R and white lined to stay off these areas at all times . So far it has been disappointing to note many of these areas despite being marked off have been trampled over and worse still driven over by golf carts .

Driving Range
Could I appeal to all members that when playing from the tee box on the driving range that you play from in between the markers ONLY . This is essential in order to allow the rest of the tee box to recover fully . Also could members please STOP chipping off and taking divots from the practice green .     Thank You

Pitch marks
Could I ask that all golfers please repair their pitch marks . We are fixing dozens every morning by which time lasting damage to the putting surface has already occurred . Thank you

Email address
A new email account has been set up as the previous account had become unreliable . I would invite all members to use this service if you have any questions regarding the course . Could I ask that any member wishing to ask questions please leave their name and membership number. The email address is :

Alan Lawrie

Head Greenkeeper