Greens Report August 2016

10 August 2016

The greens are been cut daily at a height of 4mm’s .  We are also verti-cutting on a regular basis which helps to prevent thatch build and removes flat growth . This in turn improves surface firmness and helps to insure a fast true putting surface . In the past couple of weeks the greens have also been solid tined and top dressed .

Another 8 bunkers have had sand topped up in them over the last few weeks making a total of 24 bunkers that have been topped up since the start of the season . This will continue as and when required  .

Traffic Damage
There have been many bare or damaged areas around the course that have been repaired with soil and seed and marked G.U.R. in the last few weeks . Can I ask all members to please stay off these areas to allow for the best chance of recovery . It has been disappointing to note despite these areas clearly marked G.U.R. there is clear signs of golfers either walking or driving buggies walking/driving  through these areas .

Driving Range
Could I appeal to all members that when playing from the tee box on the driving range that you play from in between the markers ONLY .
This is essential in order to allow the rest of the tee box to recover fully .
Could members also please STOP chipping off and taking divots from the practice green .
Thank You

Pitch marks
Could I ask that all golfers please repair their pitch marks . We are fixing dozens every morning by which time lasting damage to the putting surface has already occurred . Thank you

Email address
An email account has been set up as the previous account had become unreliable . I would invite all members to use this service if you have any questions regarding the course . Could I ask that any member wishing to ask questions please leave their name and membership number .

The email address is :

Alan Lawrie

Head Greenkeeper