Greens Report April 2016

04 May 2016

The greens have recently been hollow cored , lightly scarified and top dressed . This will help to keep improving the soil structure which in turn should give us a firmer more consistent putting surface despite the weather conditions . We will continue to lightly top dress the greens throughout the season which will help to keep the putting surface smooth and quick . A couple of greens where winter damage has occurred due to excessive rainfall will be scarified and over seeded in the coming weeks when temperatures rise .

All mats have now been removed from the tees and the new 1st tee is also   back in play . I would like to thank the members for their co-operation in using the mats which has helped to protect the tees during these last few cold weeks . Certain tees will be scarified and over seeded in the coming weeks to enhance their ability to withstand periods of heavy play and improve overall grass coverage .

Seven bunkers have recently been topped up with new sand  . Over the next couple of weeks we will be topping up an additional 12-15 bunkers . The new sand should drain more freely allowing for a better shot in wet conditions .

New Course Furniture
This Friday (29/4/16) new course furniture will be put in place around the course this will include pins, flags , hole cups and tee markers . New pins and cups for the putting greens will follow soon after .

Driving Range
The driving range has been kitted out with new furniture (flags, yardage signs , tee box markers etc ) this coupled with many hours of hard work has enhanced the look of the range greatly .

Pitch marks
Could I ask that all golfers please repair their pitch marks . We are fixing dozens every morning by which time lasting damage to the putting surface has already occurred . Thank you

Email address
A new email account has been set up as the previous account had become unreliable . I would invite all members to use this service if you have any questions regarding the course . Could I ask that any member wishing to ask questions please leave their name and membership number so I know who it is I’m talking to . The email address is :

Alan Lawrie

Head Greenkeeper