Green Report October 2015

07 October 2015

Hollow coring of all the greens has now been completed . 13 of the greens have also been scarified , and top dressed the remaining 5 will be completed over the next couple of days . I appreciate this work is never popular with golfers and in the short term can have a fairly drastic effect on the putting surface . However the benefit of completing this work while the grass is still actively growing is it shorten’s the recovery time of the putting surface substantially . The greens will have an application of fertiliser applied to them this week which will also help to aid recovery .

The tees will be hollow cored , scarified , top dressed and fed in the next week or two .

Winter greens
The winter greens have now all been marked out . They have been divoted and will be fed this week . These areas are now to be considered as ground under repair (G.U.R) and no play except putting is permitted from them .

Pitch Marks
Could ask that all golfers please repair their pitch marks . We are fixing dozens every morning by which time lasting damage to the putting surface has already occurred . Thank you

Golf Course Etiquette
Could I appeal to ALL GOLFERS to please use the tee bins provided and refrain from dropping litter on the golf course . THANKS

Email address
An email account has been set up so the members can have direct access to the head greenkeeper . I would invite all members to use this service if you have any questions regarding the course . Could I ask that any member wishing to ask questions please leave their name and membership number so I know who it is I am talking to . The email address is :

Alan Lawrie

Head Greenkeeper