B’ Division Spring Meeting May 2016

01 June 2016

Winner: Peter Currie          79

Runner-up Keith Coe         80

Jamie Lauder                   82 – 20 = 62
Peter Currie                      79 – 14 = 65
William Campbell          86 – 20 = 66


The members on the attached list qualified for the 2nd round to be played on Sunday 12th June 2016 with scores of 92 or less.
P Currie, K Coe, J Lauder, A Frame, DWatson, D Archer, S Hamilton, M Brand, D Mixon,
G Scott, W Campbell, W Hunter, A Davie, J Kennie,
R Anderson, J Scott, W Rodgers, B Bird, J Yorkston, K Beatson, G Cameron, G Brown,
S Russell, B Varndell, J Garrity, A Menzies, D Gare, W Grieve, S Findlay,
W Johnstone, W McDonald, J McLelland, G Rolland, R Veitch
There were 3 players with a two or less.

C.S.S. – 70