‘A’ Division Spring Meeting May 2016

01 June 2016

Winner: Stuart Blair                         71 
Runner-up: Brian Fairgrieve          72

Craig Smith                77 –11 = 66
Craig MacDonald     80 –12 = 68
Brian Fairgrieve       72 –03 = 69 (b.i.h

The members on the attached list qualified for the 2nd round to be played on Sunday 12th June 2016 
with scores of 82 or less

S Blair, B Fairgrieve, Sc Cunningham, K Young, W Reid, C Johnstone, R Clark, R Colquhoun, A McLean, J Hall, C Ratcliffe,
Sh Cunningham, C Mackie, C Smith, A Hislop, G Steele, C Cunningham, G Fletcher, D McLeod, R Wallace, D Bingham,
A Wallace, A McLeod, D Fee, M Imlah, C MacDonald,
I Vincent, G Fleming, A Darling, G Miller, S Thomson, M Delaney, B Tully,
G Long, R Scott, R Cochrane, C Johnston, G Clarkson, R Barnes, D Falconer


There were 13 players with a two or less
C.S.S. 72