The Association of James Braid Courses


The Association of James Braid Courses started over four years ago, the association has now attracted over a hundred member clubs from the north of Scotland, to Ireland, Wales, all areas of England and one in New York. A full list of members is attached.

Courses either have to have been designed by Braid or redesigned or altered by him to be eligible to join. In the course of his life he was involved in designing over 300 courses as well as being the Professional at Romford for eight years and from 1904 till his death in 1950 at Walton Heath. In addition he won the Open five times, plus numerous other competitions, formed the PGA with Taylor and Vardon and is credited with inventing the ‘dogleg’.

The advantages of being a member of the association is that the members of the clubs, can play at all the other member clubs for reduced green fee, subject to tee availability, thereby hopefully increasing the awareness of Braid’s work and of course the man himself. There is no cost to the club to join.

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