Greens Report – July 2015

09 July 2015

The greens are currently in good condition despite the near constant rainfall 
they have had to endure in the last few weeks. It is hugely encouraging that 
throughout this time the course has at no point had to close due to flooding. 
This a marked difference to previous years where similar periods of heavy 
rainfall would have seen the course close for part/full days fairly frequently. 
This turnaround has been achieved by a combination of different things 
(Increased aeration, regular top dressing, introducing many new products to aid 
soil structure change). It is a good start but it is essential that we continue 
down this road in order to give us the best chance to produce good firm greens 
throughout the year not just in the summer months. 

The tees had an application of fertiliser last week and are to be solid tined and 
verti cut within the next couple of weeks. Amongst other treatments we have 
scarified and overseeded the 9th tee which has improved significantly and is 
currently in good condition.
1st tee area
The 2 areas to the side of the 1st tee will be turfed the week beginning 
Monday 3rd of August.

Old sundial area opposite the clubhouse
This area has been landscaped with additional soil and overseeded in the last week. The grass seed should start to germinate within the next 7 to 10 days. 

White chipped area round the front of the clubhouse
This area is becoming a maintenance headache. It has been hand weeded on several 
occasions by the greenstaff already. Yet the grass and weeds just grow back thicker and thicker as the weeks go by. It was inevitable this was going to happen and it 
was for this reason I raised my concerns about the installation of this area in 
the first place. At the earliest opportunity when suitable weather conditions 
allow an application of total weedkiller will be applied.

Golf Course Etiquette 
Could I appeal to ALL GOLFERS to please use the tee bins provided and refrain from 
dropping litter on the golf course? THANKS

An email account has been set up so the members can have direct access to the 
head greenkeeper. I would invite all members to use this service if you have any 
questions regarding the course. Could I ask that any member wishing to ask 
questions please leave their name and membership number so I know who it is I am 
talking to. The email address is:

Alan Lawrie 
Head Greenkeeper